Who could’ve known that smelling burnt toast when you’re having a stroke means your metaphysical toaster’s broken? Travel deeper and deeper into your own subconscious until you reach the prized toaster at the center and wake yourself up from your coma. Look out for the manifestations guarding your mind, though- one wrong move, and you’re toast!

Made over the weekend for Ludum Dare 48 with some non-programmer friends. We spent our entire budget on the horse sprite.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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AuthorCrow Seeds
TagsLudum Dare 48, toast
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HOW do you make such funny games? I just played "to get her" and ended with laughter, now I am browsing through your games and just killed a horse that said "We could have been friends", as a toast is the metaphysical representation of  a stroke. WTF man, I wish my games where as good as yours

Just keep making games! My games sucked big time when I was starting out, but with each game you learn something new! It's like unlocking new stuff to play around with, by making each new game something out of your comfort zone (This was the first time using Unity's animation tool and like my second time making a 2D platformer!). Finding a group of friends to bounce ideas and laugh together also helps. For reference, I've been making games for around 3 years (Only started uploading games on itch.io when I thought my games were starting to get good which makes it seem like I always put out decent games, which isn't true!). I've played your two games on itch.io (which are pretty good!) and with a bit of polish, you can make some excellent projects!

Thanks this support really helps, I was trying to get a few of my friends into gamedev, but they resist. Which doesn't really matter. Still thanks for the support it really helps (also sorry for my bad English I am not a native speaker)

You're English is really good, don't worry :). My friends don't know how to program, but they are artists/musicians/etc and have played video games before, so they help despite me doing most of the work. Maybe get your friends in non-coding roles (since programming is scary to most people) in order to help during game jams.

Yeah a good idea thx, you are really a cool dude ;)

The great LD48 diamond! Deeply fun. The voices are the great ludo moto here. I was so challenged by the exam (F). The game designer is a genius.